Opened projects for 2016

29. September 2015

I continously work on several projects that some of you may participate in. They are very personal and people are picked by various criteria. If you are interested to collaborate look down into my list of opened projects for next year. You might find yourself suitable for them.


Siblings & relatives

Twins, brothers, sisters, relatives with strong story on background. Please write down something about your relationship. What you went through.


Skilled people who reached something in their athletic carreer. Body builders, dancers, street workout people, runners, skateboardists, free runners, swimmers,… This project is not suitable for ego hunters. Mainly I seek a humble and decent people working on themselves.


Active photographers that would like to participate into my project of portraiting photo artists. There are no borders. You may be fashion, beauty photographer but also journalist. Please send me a link to your portfolio.

Tattoo artists

Amazing personalities in tattoo industry. This project is not opened for tattoo models but artists themselves.

Celebrities & creatives

Valuable personalities within art and show business.


People who had no luck by facing some kind of handicap but who never lost an attitude to live a great life.

Contact me via:

Please do not get offended if my response is no at the moment. We all develop and have a various goals in our lives. If you want to participate in some of these projects please contact me, show me your work, write me a bit about you. I will be really happy to meet plenty of creative and inspiring people.

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