Josef Madl – Man Of The Year finalist

19. December 2015

I had the chance to work with Josef twice. Our first photoshoot was his very first photoshoot ever. He succeded in male beauty competition and got into Czech version of  Man Of The Year finals. It made me feel so proud because my impression about him was that he should work in fashion industry with no doubt. Here are photos we took lately and the short basic interview with him.



Q: Hello, how would you describe yourself? Can you tell us a bit about you?

A: Hi, my name is Josef Mádl, I am 25 years old and I study university – economic faculty for 5 years now. My hobbies are gym and football. I play it since I was a child.

Q: What brought you to the work of fashion model?

A: It was Man Of The Year competition. I did not do any photoshoot earlier, I did not attend any fashion show. I can say I joined beauty competition as a pure begginer.

Q: What experience gave you this competition?

A: Definitely it gave me contacts, new connections and good friends. I can also say that I get some fashion jobs due this competition.


Q: What do you like more? Photoshoots or walks?

A. I like both equally. I don’t mind doing both. Perhaps photoshoots are better because I can put more of me into it. I can change expressions, improvise etc.

Q: What photoshoot did you like the most?

A: Of couse the one I had with you :-). Plus I enjoy working outside the most.

Q: Do you have some male modeling ideal?

A: Can’t say it’s my idol but I like style of British model Bill Huxley.

Q: What type of work would you like to do in the future? What would you like to see in your portfolio?

A: I like to do photos in the nature so I would enjoy something like that for sure. In case of fashion shows I like doing suits so if there would be a such walk I would like to do it.





I really enjoyed working with Josef. Hope to work with him again. Being humble, very natural and easy to work with are keys to success. We already think of male beauty and portrait workshops. If you are interested, contact me. For hiring him contact directly Josef Mádl.

Wishing you a nice holiday :)


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