Zero to hero – Diary of INFP photographer

18. July 2018

So here it begins. Some time ago a small and nearly village person (me) decided to become a professional photographer. I kind of enjoyed making my own world in photography and I was told by dozens of people I should do it pro. That was kinda tempting. Turning your hobby into profession so I gave it a try. Of course nothing went as expected. And if I say nothing I really mean it. I could be compared to girls who decides to be a supermodels. Practically anyone in front of camera is a model but not everyone is Claudia, Naomi or Cara.

Industry is huge, especially beauty and fashion which I always enjoyed doing. It’s a giant dream factory and final result of running a business is to make money. It runs on people’s inner weaknesses and desire to compare themselves with those beautiful magazine covers. To reach an instant happiness right now not a secong later. Give yourself a feeling if you fill your shelves with enough trending products it will make you feel better. But my intention was to keep my inner world and combine my love to photography with business so I could get more freedom to do what I love. How silly I was :-).

After years in biz I realized couple of things:

Late is better than never (*in connection to what I realized)

I stepped into something I totally had no clue about and I am still learning :)

I am introvert and idealist, simply unicorn and that is a bit of disadvantage (or maybe advantage, still trying to find out)

People who pay do not usually give much of creative freedom (but some does!)

Everybody has to pay bills and bills takes you away from what you enjoy (so you gotta work smart)

Dreams are goals with deadlines

If I want to maintain myself working I must keep myself happy

If I want to be happy I have to be in a niché where I feel comfortable

I want to be happy (it’s just me – unicorn seeking balance and harmony)

So I rethinked everything…

And I am rethinking it everyday as I go.

Photography I want to create it’s highly aesthetical and satisfying activity I need as breathing. Still wanna do it? Oh heck yes, I am 100% in. I am an unicorn who poops glitter and vomits rainbows but so far I still look like an elephanth who just created a ton of organic waste. And now that shit must be recreated into glitters and rainbows. And it would be done on a knee. Because (believe it or not) whole fashion and beauty industry is built on a knee althought it might seem it’s not. And let’s face it I am an expert on a work on knee. So wanna hear more? :-).

Maybe it would cheer you up if you hear I was told by teacher that my photos are only good enough for cheap erotic magazines when I was at art school. Since my photos already reached erotic magazines (even expensive ones) and books I am ready for another level in my career :D.

It’s going to be incorrect but true. And to make it even more complicated, I will add that awkward moments connected to MBTI personality typology. Till then you can find out what MBTI is :).


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