PF 2019 + Unicorns

31. December 2018

There is another year behind us so there should be a little time to balance what it was like. So many things happened, there were ups and downs, pros and cons and I had even less time than ever.Let’s go…

Years back when photography was only a hobby I was doing only personal projects and everything was so much fun. Commercial work took a lot out of it but it was still fun until I found out at the end of the summer I am pretty exhausted by working 24/7 and I should do something about it. I stepped back and decided to do more of my personal projects in 2019 which I honestly don’t know how I will be able to make in such a pressure I am underneath. Although I was near to burnout, I feel lucky I managed this crazy lifestyle and got back to track. I suck at New Year’s resolutions so I have only one. 2019 will be year when I will try to learn time management better :-).

During this year we found a little time with my friend Michaela to do a personal project inspired by unicorns. Idea was simple, nothing spectacular, reason was to relax a bit from regular work and have some fun. If you want, you can order it as a calendar and pick the photos out of serie you like more. If so just drop me a note to my email

Also first 20 who write me an email will get a wallpaper of their choice from this set :)

There we go… and most importantly Happy New Year!

Model/MUAH – Michaela Kyra Valentová or her fan page Bloody Kyra
Some of horns 3D printed  – Jaroslav Erhart
Photo/post – Lucie Kout

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thank you so much Mischa, you are so right… unfortunatelly I love my work so much so I totally forget about myself and then I was suddenly close to burn out and had to stop for a while and calm down a little. I am so stupid about this… I wish there was someone saying this to me every now and then. Happy new year to you :)

By adminluciekout on 5.1.2019 at 21:48

These are gorgeous! (I actually had to do a second take–the vivid rich colors and multiple styles of make up made me think for a moment that multiple models made up this project!)

I am glad you took time for yourself. I think it is incredibly important for all of us to occasionally go back to our roots, create something just for ourselves, and remember why we began doing what we are doing, and what we loved about it. I think it invigorates our creativity, keeps us fresh, returns us to our internal emotional/mental centers, and resets us for our future. I recently had to do the same thing myself.

May you have a blessed new year!

By Mischa on 31.12.2018 at 21:47

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