30. May 2022

I would like to introduce you to a new multi-layered project which was a great challenge not only for me but also for my dear friend Riwaa, who you will have the opportunity to see in roles you have never seen her before and quite possibly you will never see her like that anywhere else :).


Not so long ago I’ve got into a very difficult period of time that catalyzed my inner insecurities. I doubted everything and I had a hard time finding meaning in what I was doing. In the end it looked like a runaway train in a front of a collapsed bridge. Even at the height of the crisis, I’ve decided to stop, reconsider and then use the whole situation to my advantage. I wanted to get something good out of this pressure. So the decision came to start projects buried somewhere down in my drawer for years and to enjoy my own authenticity.

I have always been fascinated by kitsch, commerce, human behavior, their motivation, why people follows personalities and trends. There are a lot of studies on this topic and I would hardly summarize it in one short (or long) article. For now, let’s be satisfied with the fact that this project is a response to human behavior. Form and content are always a tool. The tool itself is neutral and our choice is how we use it. A knife can slice a bread or kill someone.

There are more layers in this project, my motivation is different from the motivation of the designer Riwaa, who jumped into the project from the motives that she will immediately represent to you. At the same time, this project reflects what is happening in society and in ourselves.


Riwaa Nerona is a designer who creates bespoke underwear and corsets, she’s been my friend for years. She is an extraordinary person who has a lot to offer. She inspires me and I love her as a person and here she introduces her motivation to join this project:

I wanted to try what it’s like to be someone else, to realize myself as a controversial person subject to current fashion trends. I turned my style upside down and was inspired by fashion icons that were never close to me. The chosen color of the outfit is completely out of my wearable color scheme – this pink definitely does not belong in my wardrobe, but this year I see it absolutely everywhere and it could not miss my attention. I love the subduedness and elegant inconspicuousness and the more striking combinations than the cheap white strass, the copper quilted jacket and the scarf on my head didn’t occur to me. A pseudo sports outfit combined with stiletto heels, dark makeup, merch from a well-known cafe and such an expensive handbag are a symbol of unnecessary useless trends for me. In the end, I had to admit that I really enjoyed the project and I also amused the surroundings during the photo shoot. Definitely this project cannot cover my entire view of current trends, but I also share such a small part with you for fun. The result for me? This pink one doesn’t really scare me anymore.


How do you handle trends? Do you buy branded items because they operate with the added value of a particular brand? Will you succumb to the pressure? We are evolutionarily set to join the masses and cling to patterns, but it is also said that only dead fish swim with the flow. I don’t follow trends very much, but they still affect me, sometimes I consciously buy stuff I like but basically I support quality products that last, sit and look good. I like to wear them when they have a story and even more when I know the person who made my clothes. That’s why the face of this project is a woman who just stands behind her work and her opinions, even though it’s against the meat grinder of fast fashion. The trends reminds me a bit of Ratcatcher (a book written by Viktor Dyk which reflects human behavior). They are good servant but bad master. And I enjoy reflecting that.


Jacket, top, bralette, legins – Riwaa Nerona
Merch – Starbucks
Bag – Moschino
Location – Valdštejnská zahrada


Jacket is inspired by bold statement style of Chanel, scarf is inspiration of Gucci
We used photoshoot style inspired by Balenciaga paparazzi campaign.

P.S. Who first finds out which celebrity we were primarily inspired by, gets an invitation for coffee from me, it’s not that hard and you’ve got a clue in the article already :)

Lucie Kout

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