Analyze this! 2

20. September 2013

Couple days ago I published first of articles about analyzing images – Analyze this!. Here is continuation.


Analyze this I.

Analyze this III.

This is finished image that was not meant to be edited but worked well as an example that even not perfect source can work when treated well. I love high contrasty BW images but light placed bellow was just part of lighting the scene. I always turn light by light to keep under control what it does in the image. Let´s say I like challenges and there is never enough of practicing. I wanted to process this image as an practical example. Model is Jarka Hrnčáková



Following golden section, rules of thirds and similar can bring a great results. When liquifying, try to do it as little as possible. Less is more. Sometimes bigger edit may help the composition to work better, then I guess feel free to edit it but don´t break the bones :)

Golden ratio examples


Next time I quess I´ll be talking a bit about colors and tonality.

Lucie Kout

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