Project WALKING IN MY SHOES: Judgement

5. November 2022

You may have heard someone say that you can tell a person by their shoes. Is there any truth to that? I decided to explore it a bit and that’s why we have a new project called Walking In My Shoes.


WALKING IN MY SHOES will once again have multiple parts and in this first one we’re going to learn about how we judge people based on appearance alone. However, I decided to make it harder and that’s why I only photographed the shoes on various feet. What are you going to think of people based on what they’re wearing? I’d love it if you could post your thoughts in the comments.

I’ve always found it interesting how easily people judge others by their appearance and conclude their opinion very quickly. Likewise, a first impression may not always be correct even if, on the other hand, someone’s analysis is almost always accurate. It always depends very much on who you are up against. How much who wants to reveal, who perceives how much input and how they process it. The brain is constantly creating shortcuts, and it is no different in the generalization of human characteristics. Supposedly, one can assess whether a person is an introvert or an extrovert from their shoes. Whether or not he takes care of himself, whether or not he cares about his appearance, whether or not he is explosive, even what his political views are. I think that any attempt to find a simplistic formula can never cover the whole spectrum of research, and that is why I prefer to wait until I have collected enough data to draw my own conclusions.










What will you think of each person? Which person would you like to meet and which one would you not like to meet at all? Throw it in here, I’m very curious to hear your thoughts on who is who.

I would like to thank everyone who gave me their legs and I can already reveal that I am already working on the next part, which will focus on jobs and hobbies.

What shoes do you wear and why? Which are your favourite ones? What do you prefer? Appearance? Comfort? Do you consider what people will think of you? And how much do you care about their opinion? And what do I like best? Since I was 15, I’ve had the legendary Adidas Superstar in my shoe closet. It’s my flagship. And to make it a bit fun, I posed for one of the photos, so whoever guesses correctly which feet are mine, has a coffee with me in Prague or České Budějovice :).

Lucie Kout


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