My name is Lucie Kout and I am a traveling commercial photographer and retoucher based in the Czech Republic (Budweis & Prague). My fields are mostly portrait, beauty and fashion. Besides that I am dog lover, geek, nerd and 100% obsessive about light and Photoshop. I am interested in quantum physics, astronomy, neuro science and such things. I do pole dance for fun. Perhaps weird combo but this is who I am. If you need someone to be your partner in crime, I am always there whether you are company or an individual. Do you need someone to consult with? To throw around ideas with? To cheer you up and get the best out of you or your client? Someone who is always dedicated and who always experiment to improve? Right, then pick up the phone or write me an email. I am open to international bookings, to having fun and to rather unconventional and slightly strange discussions.