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Workspace and Travelling Comfort

How important is your workspace for you? What do you carry if you travel? During years I´ve been thinking a lot about this. As a full-time photographer I spend lots of time behind a desk. I also spend lots of time carrying my gear with me. And of course I want it to be as comfortable as possible in both cases. If you sit on a bad chair behind bad table, soon you will realize that back pain, neck spine pain and headaches will turn your retouching into hell. Carpal tunnel infalammation may cause your inability to retouch for weeks or months. I went through it and I can tell you it´s nothing you want to experience.

My own health, bad choices and painful experiences made me writing this article. We usually talk about work techniques but every single graphic designer, retoucher or photographer is in pain from too much sitting behind a desk or carrying too much on his back or neck. I would like to share a few thoughts about it right here.