Month: September 2013

Analyze this 3 !

This is last of “Analyze this” articles for now. It would seal the circle. We talked about composition, light, mechanics, anatomy and now we will talk about another essential part of the image – colors and tonality, which are same important as any other aspects of image.

Analyze this! 2

Couple days ago I published first of articles about analyzing images – Analyze this!. Here is continuation.

Analyze this!

I was thinking about this article for a long time. Not only because it would show you how some of stylizations originates but it will also help you to understand retouching better. Actually it won´t be the only article but couple of them, each related to one topic. The first thing I do on every set of images is analysis. It goes from general set analysis where I pick the best images that works for me individually and in a set too and then I analyze every single image that should be retouched.