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Project STORIES – Agata

STORIES – when a picture is worth a thousand words… This project is here for you if you are feeling miserable, depressed, unhappy or desperate. Whenever I was really down, I told myself that I could always give up but at least before that I can try to make something good out of my life. Like they say, everything bad is good for some reason. And project STORIES is about people who had good reason to feel down, but decided to live their lives in a way that they could enjoy despite all the adversity. That’s what we have in common, and that’s why I’m so good at taking pictures, and that’s also why I choose the specific people who appear in the project accordingly. Our disabilities, traumas or worries don’t have to define us. We can define ourselves by how we approach it. And although it’s often very difficult, I just have to decide that this is not how I want to live my life anymore and start finding my own way.


Project STORIES – Jana

Today I bring another story to project STORIES. It took me a while, I admit, but the pre-Christmas finishing of the orders took a a toll on me and I had no energy left for my own projects. People mean to do something and life changes it. Here on my site, this story appears first, but in the moment I finish the other series, I’ll put everything in chronological order and I will antidate the posts as they came in sequence. But that is something I will adjust when other series are done, so come on over and meet Jana.