Month: September 2015

Burlesque Beauty Workshop

Basic informations about Burlesque Beauty workshop in Wien under

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Opened projects for 2016

I continously work on several projects that some of you may participate in. They are very personal and people are picked by various criteria. If you are interested to collaborate look down into my list of opened projects for next year. You might find yourself suitable for them.


Workshop Analyze this!

Here are basic informations about Analyze this! workshop. Here you can also find source files and bonus actions for download.

Closest Analyze this! workshop at Splashed conference!!!


Outline – Simplify

To get oriented in photography we are going to edit it’s necessary to simplify it. It is very similar to learning how to draw. You begin with simple geometric object and then you get into more difficult shapes.

1 – RAW
2 – Composition – liquify, crop
3 – Pixel, lightness/tonality, D/B, high pass
4 – Color of pixels, color corrections
5 – Final color grading
6 – Sharpening
7 – Actions, filters