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Project WALKING IN MY SHOES: Judgement

You may have heard someone say that you can tell a person by their shoes. Is there any truth to that? I decided to explore it a bit and that’s why we have a new project called Walking In My Shoes.



Here we continue with project IN THE NAME OF: with PLAST_ICON episode. Again I collaborated with dear friend and talented designer Riwaa, who made a bespoke clothing and lingerie to add her input to the project. And again you will have to guess who was our main inspiration. Let’s dive into it.

My experience with Midjourney

Lately you may have noticed an increasing buzz about AI-generated art. At least I did. Does that sound like science fiction to you? Well, no, progress is here and now. You think computer-generated art can’t be good? You could hardly be further from the truth. It’s the results of this tool that have convinced me to test it as well. Results are indeed fascinating and some of the artworks are really good. I decided to test it, what’s behind it, how does it work. If you want to try Midjourney, it’s just about time, because now the club on Discord is approaching 1 million and after that, no more beta testers will be allowed to access.

PF 2019 + Unicorns

There is another year behind us so there should be a little time to balance what it was like. So many things happened, there were ups and downs, pros and cons and I had even less time than ever.Let’s go…

Zero to hero – Diary of INFP photographer

So here it begins. Some time ago a small and nearly village person (me) decided to become a professional photographer. I kind of enjoyed making my own world in photography and I was told by dozens of people I should do it pro. That was kinda tempting. Turning your hobby into profession so I gave it a try. Of course nothing went as expected. And if I say nothing I really mean it. I could be compared to girls who decides to be a supermodels. Practically anyone in front of camera is a model but not everyone is Claudia, Naomi or Cara.