Category: Projects

PF 2019 + Unicorns

There is another year behind us so there should be a little time to balance what it was like. So many things happened, there were ups and downs, pros and cons and I had even less time than ever.Let’s go…

Sun Visor

Recently finished project with new model Dahlia Black


Pennywise project – Behind the scenes

As a big fan of horror stories I could not miss a new adaptation of Stephen King’s It. I loved Tim Curry’s version and I was pretty curious how remake will end. Luckily it was better than expected. So I decided to do my own version of Pennywise – dancing clown. I also recently recieved request from deviantart group CRPhotography to share a bit of background behind it.


Opened projects for 2016

I continously work on several projects that some of you may participate in. They are very personal and people are picked by various criteria. If you are interested to collaborate look down into my list of opened projects for next year. You might find yourself suitable for them.